Bearded Cigar Smoking Leather Daddy Thom

Hot Older Male knows how to satisfy my mature stud sweet tooth every single time I have to say. Check out cigar smoking, leather clad silverdaddy Thom here. The man just reeks of masculinity in every sense of the term, with that intense look of ‘take no prisoners’ in his sexy eyes. Add the leather gear into the equation and you have to know that that Thom doesn’t fuck around when it cums to sex. I bet he smells like a real man too. A mixture of cigar smoke and sweat, leather and musk. Mmmm. As if Thom wasn’t hot enough even just standing there in a leather jockstrap and chaps, when he pulls out his big, throbbing cock, he goes up about another dozen notches on the HOT scale. Yeah, Thom certainly belongs here on Bearded Hunks. Of course, if he was in my bedroom that would be even better!

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